Dr. Li Haobin is a Senior Lecturer at the National University of Singapore, Department of Industrial Systems Engineering and Management. He received his B.Eng. degree (1st Class Honors) in 2009 from the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at National University of Singapore, with minor in computer science; and Ph.D. degree from the same department in 2014. He has research interests in operation research, simulation optimization and designing high performance optimization tools which are ready for practical industrial use. His main contribution includes development of MO-COMPASS algorithm for multi-objective simulation optimization, GO-POLARS algorithm for incorporating gradient information into a stochastic search, and O2DES framework for discrete-event simulation modeling. 李浩斌博士,新加坡国立大学工业与系统工程系高级讲师。分别于2009年、2014年获新加坡国立大学工业与系统工程系工程一等荣誉学士、博士学位。研究兴趣涵盖运筹学、仿真优化及开发适用于工业应用的高性能优化工具。主要研究成果包括:MO-COMPASS多目标优化搜索算法,GO-POLARS(极坐标随机搜索)算法,以及O2DES(面向对象的离散事件仿真)框架等。 

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